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Aggregate Materials for Construction

Now Accepting Extra Material

When you have extra compactable material such as clay, sand, gravel, or other mixtures to dispose of, bring it to SHAKOPEE GRAVEL INC. in Shakopee, Minnesota. For smaller volume inbound loads of compactable material, we will charge by the truck size. Organic material will not be accepted.   .

Product Account Contractor Price No Account Contractor Price
Inbound Tandem (10 yds.) $20 $40
Inbound Triaxle (12 yds.) $20 $40
Inbound Quad (15 yds.) $20 $40
Inbound Quint (16 yds.) $50 $70
Inbound Bellies (17 yds.) $50 $70
Inbound End Dump (18 yds.) $50 $70